Activities in Himachal Pradesh

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Activities in Himachal Pradesh fill you with the real spirit of excitement. Be it the Himachal adventure sports or winter sports or joy rides, Himachal gives you chances to indulge in any of the activities. The list of the most practiced activities in Himachal Pradesh is given below:

Those who are fond of mountain and hills feel like going for trekking in Himachal. Trekking on long paths amidst the different areas of mountains is really a thrilling thing to do. So, those who seek real adventure do make it a point for trekking.
Toy Train Ride
Toy train rides are an important source of thrill, starting from Shimla and ending at Kalka. There are different kinds of trains running that can be the choice of different travelers. The trains are equipped with modern and luxurious facilities and the toy train ride is much liked by honeymooners.
Horse or pony Rides
Pony rides can be enjoyed at various Himachal cities. As you visit Jakhoo Temple in Shimla or Kufri or go to explore Manali, you come across various chances to go for pony rides. Kids as well as adults enjoy these rides.
Mountain Cycling
Mountain cycling is a wonderful sport that let you travel through different passes and paths. You make your through various uneven terrains. The best locations meant for mountain cycling are Hamirpur, Kangra, Bilaspur, and Una as the cycling routes offered by them are easy.
As you go for paragliding, you get a panoramic view of the nearby area close to you. The main areas that are considered to be perfect for paragliding are Kullu Valley, Bilaspur, Pabbar Valley, etc. When you indulge in this adventure, you feel as light as a bird wafting through the sky.
Skiing is an amazing adventure performed on the slopes of mountains. The slopes in the places like Narkanda, Kullu and Manali are ideal for indulging in skiing.
Heli Skiing
While going for the sport of heli skiing, one finds oneself in the middle of the vast blue sky and snow capped mountain ranges. In between, there is only the noise of the heli wings that spreads in the area.

All the above mentioned adventures and activities in Himachal Pradesh are truly compelling and more than enough to give you a hair-raising experience.