Arts and Craft of Himachal Pradesh



Himachal Pradesh has the richest and vibrant arts and craft that add to the color of Himachal. Various embroidered items, accessories, paintings, carved works, textiles, etc. are a part of the Himachal Prdaesh arts and craft. Some of the beautiful and much admired arts and craft in Himachal are listed below:

Pahari Paintings of the Mid 17th Century
Pahari paintings delineate a style known as Basholi. The paintings appear to be lively with various colors and they showcase some important emotions. In the paintings, one can spot the pictures of kings as well as gods. The paintings have some similarity with Malwa and Rajasthani paintings. These painings also have domes and pavilions.
Beautiful embroidery work is actually performed by the Pahari women who do this in their leisure time. Amazing items such as hand fans, scarves, gloves, etc. are made of embroidered work. One would love to bag the traditionally embroidered scarves made in dark orange and red colors. The embroidery is quite intricate that it is difficult to spot any loose threads or knots.
Rugs and Carpets
Carpets and rugs of Himachal are made in very vibrant colors and they contain images of flowering trees, flutes, lotus flowers, swastiks, etc. that symbolize something or the other. In Himachal blankets are also made from the wool obtained from sheep and goats. Special blankets named as gudmas are also made in Himachal which are extremely fleecy and soft. Such blankets are made from Giangi sheep. These blankets have red or black edging.
Thangkas are cloth paintings that are made in rich and dark colors. These paintings delineate Buddhist festivals as well as various deities.
The Kangra Style of Paintings
These paintings are huge and horizontal paintings delineating the tales related to Shri Krishna. These paintings present wide scenarios that contain towns as well as various people and figures. The colors used in these paintings have very nice lustre. However, a very different thing in these paintings is that these paintings, in spite of being hill paintings do not showcase the pictures of hills.
The jewelry of the Himachal is made of metal and beads. Jewelry items such as necklaces, amulets, pendants, rings, etc. are made by the tribal people. Apart from this, jewelry in silver and gold can also be had in Himachal. Pahari ornaments with coins as well as precious stones fitted into them are much admired. Other items such as collar like hansalis as well as clasps with crocodile and lion heads are also used by the woment of Himachal.
Numerous items of metals such as copper, tin, brass, etc are produced. Items such as vessels, musical instruments, etc. are formed with metals. Another significant metalcraft in Himachal is named as Mohra, which belongs to Kullu and Chamba. The metalwork represents the images of Lord Shiva or goddess Durga.
Leather Craft
The amazing leather chappals of Chamba are quite popular among tourists as the chappals are designed with embroideries with the help of threads of multifarious colors. Sandsls, belts as well as socks are other items made from leather.

All the above mentioned items are much admired and famous arts and craft of Himachal Pradesh that must be bagged by you.