Bilaspur is a wonderful destination in Chattisgarh that deserves your visit. One finds Bilaspur absolutely amusing since there exists a number of archeological as well as religious sites. Be it the scenit beauty of this place or its inherited past, everything about Bilaspur is interesting. The Bilaspur state government is taking steps to ameliorate everything related to Bilaspur tourism. At 25 Km distance from Bilaspur, you have Ratanpur. In Ratanpur, there exists an old fort, the ruins of which can even be seen today.

You also come across the gate of the fort, which is marked with a number of amazing stone sculptures as well as the Hindu deities named as Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu. The Archeological Survey of India has discovered a series of spots of archeological significance in Bilaspur. The things gained through excavation are related to 5000 BC and they include temples, ancient cave paintings, coins, forts, etc. In addition to this, there lies an array of places to visit in Bilaspur accentuating Bilaspur tourism and they are listed below:

Bachhretu Fort
This fort can be spotted at a serene location marked with the western slopes of Kotdhar. In the vicinity, you find the Kot Hill and a number of other hills. From this place, you can also have an amazing view of Gobind Sagar Lake. Moreover, there also lies a temple where the residing deity is goddess Asht Bhuja.
Gobind Sagar Lake
This is a beautiful artificial lake lying close to the Satluj River in Bilaspur. People can go for enjoying adventurous sports such as kayaking, water skiing, sailing as well as ware scooter racing.
This is a significant picnic spot lying in the vicinity of Kharung River. This place for picnic can be spotted on the Bilaspur-Ambikapur highway. The spot is surrounded with a splendid garden and people can also enjoy the sport of boating here.
Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary
This is a rich wildlife sanctuary consisting of vast forests and wild animals such as chetal, tiger, leopard, bear, sambar, etc. The help of a number of guides can be easily availed by the tourists visiting this park. In order to facilitate tourists, there exist rest houses that can be found inside the sanctuary.
Talagaon has Maniyari River in its vicinity and is well known since the Deorani-Jethani Temple was discovered here whose age is around 1500 years. The deity of this temple is Rudrashiv. The idol of the god is marked with numerous animals as well as insects and snakes. The paintings and carvings inside the temple tell various tales related to Lord Shiva.

So, do make it a point to visit Bilasput and explore all the places to visit Bilaspur to make the most of your trip.