Chail is a place dotted with marvelous natural scenery along with a series of tourist attractions. In Chail, one finds forests, palaces, gardens, as well as temples that are more than enough to tickle your fancy. In addition to this, Chail offers you some vary amazing trekking routes that take you to places like Shimla and Choor Peak. Moreover, the scenic beauty of Chail gets enhanced with the existence of various hills including Rajgarh Hill, Sadh Tiba Hill and Pandhewa Hill. And when you behold the sight of the places to visit in Chail, you find Chail mind blowing. This helps in enriching Chail tourism. Some of the most important tourist attractions of Chail are listed below:

Chail Wildlife Sanctuary
Spread across 11,000 hectares, this sanctuary is home to rich wildlife and was started in the year 1976. The sanctuary is filled with grasslands as well as Oak and Deodar trees. Among the animals, you find deer quite frequently as well as a series of birds. And those who are fond of trekking can choose to follow the trekking path inside the park.
Chail Palace
Chail Palace is an elegant building the construction of which was started in the year 1891 with the efforts of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala. The palace is a must visit attraction for all the tourists coming to Chail.
Sidh Baba Ka Mandir
This sacred mandir came into existence when Maharaja Bhupinder Singh worked to lay its foundation. Actually, the king had a dream in which he saw a saint who had meditated at that place before his death. The saint requested the king not to build a palace there. And therefore, the king planned to build a temple there.
Cricket Ground
The cricket ground in Chail is regarded as the world's biggest and highest cricket ground. One can find it at a height of 2,144 meters above the sea level. The place is very amusing and is dotted with a number of Deodar trees. In addition to this, this cricket ground is also a place for holding various hockey camps.
Kali Ka Tibba
This is a holy temple where the residing deity is Goddess Kali. In order to reach this temple, you have to climb the Mountain Blossom.

All the above mentioned places to visit in Chail contribute a lot in adding to Chail tourism. Therefore, do make it a point to know about Chail by exploring all its tourist attractions. The place is a real heaven fo everyone.