Chamba is a place that is appears to be dotted with numerous temples. The foundation of this town was laid by Raja Sahil Varman. Moreover, the temples were constructed at the time of Pahari Kings that had their reign over Chamba for almost 1000 years and they seem to be dexterously carved and possess an array of paintings. The scenic beauty of this town gets ameliorated with the existence of River Ravi and the hilly areas are also help in promoting Chamba tourism. In addition to this, Chamba Tourism has various attractions that visitors do make it a point to witness. The list of some of the major places to visit in Chamba is given below:

Maharaja's Palace
This palace belongs to the time of the rulers that ruled Chamba in the ancient times. The structure and appearance of the building is amazing. Moreover, the place has walls containing the pictures and scenes from Mahabharata and Ramayana.
Parbati Valley
Parbati valley is a beautiful valley that contains lofty mountain peaks and is marked with the existence of Pine forests. The valley also showcases snow covered areas as well as glaciers.
Laxmi Narayan Temple
The Laxmi Narayan Temple belongs to the 10th century A.D and appears to be amazing with the innate Shakira style of architecture. The temple possesses wooden roof, also called chhattries that doesn't let snow fall into the temple. The entire temple complex contains a series of other temples as well such as the Radha Krishna Temple, Gauri Shankar Temple, etc.
Chaugan is considered to be a famous activity ground in Chamba. Moreover, the place is also treated as a polo ground apart from being the area covered with meadows. In the year 1890, Chaugan was also used as a cricket ground by the British. The width of the area is 75 meters.
Chamunda Devi Temple
This temple can be spotted at the Shah Madar Hill. The temple looks stunning as it contains a series of a carved pictures and artworks and the very architecture of the temple is in the form of Shikhara style. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and from the hill containing the temple, you can have a glimpse of a number of sights and landmarks.
Pangi Valley
Lying in the Chamba district, this valley is marked with the existence of Zanskar Ranges and Pir Panjal and provides amazing scenic views. All these places to visit in Chamba add to the overall charm of Chamba and give new definition to Chamba tourism. So, do visit Chamba and explore all its hidden attractions to know more about Chamba.

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