Fagu lies amidst the enchanting mountain ranges of Himalayas and attracts you with its unmatched landscape. It lies at a distance of 6 Km from Kufri and 22 Km from Shimla and it is situated at height of 2,510 above the sea level. Although Fagu is not a major destination, but its beauty just can't elude you. Its magnificent mountains, amazing orchards, nice trekking tracks, vast forests, etc., together create an amazing charm for everyone. Fagu also draws you towards it as there are a number of places to visit in Fagu that play a vital role in enhancing Fagu tourism. Some of the major attractions in Fagu are listed below:

Banthia Devta Temple
Bantha Devta is the name of the local god in Fagu and the temple looks amazing as one can spot the beautiful wood carving over the surface of the temple.
Katir is a spot flocked by various tourists for the purpose of camping. It is quite famous among the tourists and lies at a distance of 13 Km from Fagu.
Trekking Tracks
Adventure freaks have reasons to rejoice when they come to Fagu as there are amazing trekking options that are more than enough to amuse you.

Therefore, do make it a point to visit Fagu, get ready to know more about Fagu and explore all that Fagu tourism has in store for you. Your are sure to get glued to this hill destination as the place has enough to unveil in front of you.