Handicrafts of Himachal



The people of Himachal Pradesh continue to practice their age-old skills of handicrafts even today and come up with some of the best pieces of art and craft that have worldwide acclamation. Even a small object of art takes months of meticulous devotion to get completed. The extensive range of Handicrafts of Himachal Pradesh includes Embroidery, Metal Craft, Paintings, Rugs and Carpets, Shawls, Silver Work, Stone Craft, Textile and Wood Craft.

Among the Himachal Handicraft, embroidery is an important aspect practiced by the womenfolk. The designs of embroidery are mainly based on the Kangra and Chamba Schools of Paintings and can be dived into two major parts, namely, Rumal or Kashida Embroidery and Leather Embroidery. Chamba embroidery is done on both the sides on plain fine cotton or silk cloth. it is done in running stitch without any gaps in between and space filled so that the same figure appears on both sides of the cloth. Sunni embroidery is done on one side of the cloth. Rumal Embroidery is used to wall hangings, cushion covers, table clothes and bed covers.
Metal Craft
Metal Craft is one of the ancient and most developed Handicraft of Himachal Pradesh. The traditional pure metals, copper and silver were used in day-to-day life such as utensils and jewelry. The artisanship in casting, ornamenting and etching on copper and silver show superb proficiency, daintiness and taste.
The Kangra and Chamba Schools of Miniature Paintings is a famous Handicraft of Himachal Pradesh. they evolved in the small states of Nurpur, Kangra, Kullu, Chamba and Sujanpurtira around 18th century AD. These paintings generally known for portrayal of court and romantic scenes. The Gompa School, Buddhist in origin, is the third school of painting in Himachal Pradesh.
Rugs and Carpets
Rugs and carpets of Himachal Pradesh have developed into an industry from a handicraft. You may find carpets in various shapes, sizes, colors and motifs. Chutku or blanket, Gudma or soft blanket, Thobi or floor covering and Kharcha or mattress is also made by the traditional weavers. Goat hairs and sheep's wool are used to make thee carpets and rugs.
Shawls are the trademark of Handicraft in Himachal Pradesh. the shawls are made from the fleece shed by the goats. The shawls are available in plain as well as in exquisite designs and in variety of colors such as gray, blue, mustard and black depending on the wool. The most notable shawl of Himachal Pradesh is the soft Pashmina shawl made from the hairs of the Pashmina goat.
Silver Work
Jewelry is one of the oldest Handicrafts in Himachal Pradesh and is popular even today. the jewelry is made of silver in traditional yet practical designs to show the craftsmanship. Besides jewelry, carved lamp stands, teapots, wine flutes, fruit trays, cutlery and sculptures are also made of silver.
Stone Craft
Stone Craft has been a known Handicraft in Himachal Pradesh since time immemorial probably due to easy availability of stone throughout the region. Stone articles such as circular pots (kundi), millstones (chakki), pestle and mortar (dauri and danda) and traditional stoves (angithi) are made and in demand even today. handicraft of stone sculpting is practiced in the regions of Chamba, Kinnaur, Mandi and Shimla Hills.
Wood Craft
Wood Craft is an ancient Handicraft in Himachal Pradesh. evidences of this art can be seen on the traditional houses, doors, windows, ceilings and panels. Beautifully done woodwork looks appealing for its delicacy and excellent features. Today the popular wood craft items are fruit bowls, serving bowls, storage jars, jewelry, carved idols, candle stands, photo frames, mirror frames, trays and baskets.

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