Ice skating in Himachal



Ice skating in Himachal Pradesh is one of the most interesting winter sports that leave you completely thrilled. The main months for ice skating are between December to February. If you are going to get indulged in an ice skating adventure, you must make it a point to check that the ice surface is flat and not uneven. Moreover, the surface should be on the foundation of thick layer of ice. In this adventure, one has to be careful of the breaking of ice at any time by the skating shoes, which can be very dangerous. The best areas for ice skating in Himachal include Shimla. The ice skating Packages rink of Shimla is much frequented by tourists. Witnessing the ice skating carnival is a wonderful thing to do in Shimla.

If there is snowfall, ice skating in Himachal cannot be performed. The appropriate conditions for ice skating are clear sky and vary hard snow surface. The ice skating rink in Shimla is maintained by the Shimla Ice Skating Club. The rink is naturally made and it is the only rink in the entire Asia. So, do make it a point to visit Shimla and Himachal and make the most of your trip by experiencing the fun of ice skating in Himachal Pradesh.