Kalpa is an amazing destination in Himachal that can be found at an altitude of 2,758 meters above the sea level. At present, Kalpa has transformed into a modern town that is the charm of the Kinnaur district of Himachal. In the neighborhood of Kalpa in Kinnaur, you find the beautiful and fertile River Sutlej that ascends from the Himalayas. The amazing architectural beauty, rich heritage and a series of places to visit in Kalpa contribute a lot in ameliorating About Kalpa tourism. Some of the major attractions of Kalpa are given in the list below:

Sangla Valley
Sangla Valley is an arresting valley marked with rich greenery, snow draped mountains and Bapsa River. And as one visits this valley, one comes across various attractions such as Sapni, Kilba, Rackchham, Naga Temple as well as Kamru Fort. The entire valley is one of the much admired places to visit in Kalpa.
Mount Kinner Kailash
Mount Kinner Kailash is an amazing mountain lying at a height of 6,500 meters. The peak has holy significance for both Hindus and Buddhists residing in Kinnaur.
Kamru Fort
Kamrru Fort is an important monument in Kalpa which lies close to the Sangla Valley. One can spot a number of gates in this fort and the primary gate contains Lord Buddha's picture. The upper portion contains a balcony formed of wood. One can also find a Badrinath Tempe in this fort that belongs to the 15th century. The third floor of the fort is home to the Goddess Kamakhya Devi.
One can spot Kothi close to the Rohtang Pass and it lies at a distance of 12 Km from Manali. In Kothi, there exists a temple dedicated to Chandika Devi, whose image is formed in gold. The place is a wonderful attraction in Kalpa which catches the eyes of tourists with snow covered mountains.
Reckong Peo
Reckong Peo, the capital of Kinnaur lies at an altitude of 2,290 meters above the sea level. On reaching this spot, one gets the chance to behold the appealing sight of the Mount Kinner Kailash Ranges. Tourists can also choose to go for trekking and it is the ideal place for the same.
Roghi Village
Roghi is a beautiful village which captivates a visitor through its apple orchards and its soothing village life. The village also has a temple in it and it lies in the vicinity of the Suicide Point and lies at a distance of 113 Km from Shimla.

Therefore, make it a point to know more about Kalpa and explore all that Kalpa tourism has in store for you.