Kandhaghat is a beautiful and serene location in Himachal that draws a lot of tourists to spend their holidays here. The place is well known for the place that was constructed by Maharaja Bhupinder Singh. Another piece of information about Kandaghat is it is also referred as the capital of Patiala. The place has witnessed green revolution and therefore vegetable production has grown here in leaps and bounds. One also finds a series of places to visit in Kandaghat that are contributing a lot in promoting Kandaghat tourism. Some of the major attractions of Kandaghat are listed below:

Shiva Temple
This is a primitive holy temple in Kandaghat dedicated to Lord Shiva and it is known for its archeological importance. Its age is around 400 years and its maintenance was done by Maharaja Bhupinder Singh.
Chail View Palace
In order to make Chail a summer capital, Maharaja made it a point to build a palace at Kandaghat. The palace has now become an ancient monument and people are free to sift through its rooms that one formed the dwelling of Maharaja Bhupendir Singh.
Karol Ranges
These ranges are situated at a very tall height and here one can spot an old temple dedicated to Lord Krishna that is located inside a cave. The temple has its associations with the Pandavas who are believed to have constructed this temple. No one has the idea of how deep is the cave but according to many people, this cave has another gate close to the Mughal Gardens at Pinjore.
Baba Thada Mulla
Baba Thada Mulla is a holy place of worship that can be spotted at half kilometer distance from Kandaghat. In the proximity of this place, you find an amazing waterfall. A common belief of the people associated with this place is that this place helps in the fulfillment of wishes just within the short period of a week and as an obligation people make it a point to sacrifice black goats in the honor of the deity. This mosque is one of the best places to visit in Kandaghat.

Therefore, do make it a point to come to Kandaghat and make it a point to explore all that Kandaghat tourism has in store for you. You would definitely be pleased by this amazing place.