Kangra is known to be the historical Chand dynasty's capital. The town got its name because of the Kangra Valley and in the vicinity of this town, you have the splendid Dhauladhar as well as Shivalik Ranges. The place is peppered with various temples, forts and monuments. In addition to this, there are a number of places to visit in Kangra that help in enhancing the Kangra tourism. Some of the major attractions of Kangra that are given in the list below:

Kangra Fort
Kangra for is an ancient monument in Kangra that presently appears to be in ruins. This fort in the Kangra Valley has the Ban Ganga River as well as the Manjhi River in its proximity. Before the annexation of Mohammad Ghazni in this fort, its name was Bhim Nagar referring to one of the Pandavas. The fort is considered to be one of the important places to visit in Kangra.
Bagalamukhi Devi Temple
The temple of Bagalamukhi Devi can be spotted just as you enter the Kotla Fort. Bagalamukhi Devi is a well know goddess among the ten goddesses of power. The goddess is famous for weakening the power of enemies and makes them unsuccessful in their attempt.
Kangra Art Gallery
Kangra Art Gallery is a significant place to visit in Kangra and is home to a series of interesting artifacts that belong to the 5th century. Visitors can behold amazing old pottery, sculptures, miniature paintings as well as impressive anthropological items.
Bajeshwari Temple
Brajeshwari Temple can be spotted at a place where Ashwamedha or horse sacrifice took place. Mohammad of Ghazni caused harm of this temple many times in order to plunder it.
Karaeri Lake
Karaeri is an extremely amusing lake in Kangra that lies in the proximity of Dhauladhar Mountains. Moreover, the lake has deep forests surrounding it and is perfect for those who are fond of trekking.
Masrur Temple
This temple is one of the 15 Shikhara temples that can be spotted in the southern part of Kangra. The temple belongs to the 10th century and its structure is in Indo-Aryan monolith design. One can relate the design of this temple with the temples in Ajanta and Ellora.

Therefore, do make it a point to visit Kangra, know more about Kangra and explore all that Kangra tourism has in store for you.