lakes in Himachal



Himachal Pradesh is peppered with a series of lakes that appeal to your fancy and add to the beauty of Himachal. They are now joined by snow streams as well as ground water springs. In addition to this, various legends can also be related to these lakes in Himachal. A list of some of the important lakes of Himachal is given below along with description:

Manimahesh Lake
One can spot this holy at the base of Mount Kailash in the beautiful Budhil Valley. The lake is associated with Lord Shiva as it is believed that Lord Shiva takes care of this lake and Goddess Kali has blessed it. The water of this lake is regarded as highly sacred and in the area close to this lake, a fair is held annually.
Khajjiar Lake
In Khajjiar, one finds the dense Deodar forests. The lake appears to be brimful no matter which season it is. As you plan to visit this lake, you can also head towards the Khajjinag temple.
Chandra Tal Lake
The water of this lake appears to be dark blue and most of the time, it is found to be covered with snow and generally frozen in winters. People also call it as the Lake of Moon. In the vicinity of this lake, one finds an array of temples. The water of the lake appears to be clear which glitters with the falling of the sun's rays over it. This makes this one of the most beautiful lakes in Himachal.
Prashar Lake
The deep blue waters of the lake are accompanied by a nice temple related to the Prashar rishi in the proximity. This is a place where the Prashar rishi performed his meditation. Various small streams from the mountains join this lake and the area close to the lake witnesses an annual fair every year in June.
Dashir Lake
One can spot this picturesque lake at the Rohtang Pass. It is generally believed that if one takes bath in this lake, one gets relieved various ailments that can harm your body. The depth of this lake is 3 to 4 meters.
Nako Lake
This is a beautiful lake encircled by Polar and Willow trees. Surrounding this lake, you have a small village, half of which is hidden by the lake borders. Moreover, one can also spot Buddhist temples in the vicinity of this lake. During the winter season, this lake appears to be frozen and becomes the place to enjoy the sport of skating.

Therefore, do make it a point to visit Himachal and witness the sight of amazing lakes in Himachal to make the most of your trip.