Museums in Himachal



The museums in Himachal Pradesh show the past of the state. The best way to know a country or a state much better is by exploring the museums. Museum of Himachal Pradesh is the main attraction. The museums are the treasure trove of items since time memorial tracing the history of the place. The Museums in Himachal Pradesh are the perfect place to know the history, to familiarize with the culture, to understand with the customs and beliefs and to study the development of the state.

There are two Museums in Himachal Pradesh featuring the rare collection of objects over the years. A number of Museums and Art Gallery dot the land of Himachal Pradesh. These Museums and Art Galleries preserve the rich historical and cultural heritage of the state with utmost sincerity and take care that the rich legacy of past is not washed away with the tides of time. A visit to these Museums will introduce you to this past that has shaped up the present state of Himachal Pradesh.

Himachal State Museum
Himachal State Museum is located in near the Chaura Maidan along the Mall in Shimla. Shimla State Museum. State Museum, opened in 1974, is located atop a hill in a typical colonial building called Inveraram. It is bit of a work to reach the museum since it requires a hike of 1500 m. Still, once you are there, you will not regret putting in so much of effort, for there is a large collection of exquisite items (around 2000), waiting to greet you.

There are ancient historical sculptures, paintings, coins, photos and numerous other items from all over the state as well as outside it. However, what is most exciting to see is the pahari miniature paintings. These paintings were the last to develop in north India before the British took control of the region. There is also a library here which houses a good collection of historical books and manuscripts. The Museum is open between 10 am to 1.30 pm and then from 2 to 5 pm everyday except Mondays and second Saturday of every month.

Bhuri Singh Museum
Bhuri Singh Museum was opened up in 1908 AD and was reallocated to its present premises in 1983. the museum is named after Raja Bhuri Singh who ruled Himachal Pradesh between 1904 AD and 1919 AD. The exhibits in the museum are very helpful in studying the history, culture and traditions of Himachal Pradesh.

The museum has put on an excellent display of the Bronzes, Chamba Rumals, Copper Plates, Embroidered Textiles, Miniature Paintings from Pahari Scholl and Rang Mahal Series, Wall Paintings and Wood Carvings of Himachal Pradesh. Holidays Hub-Himachal Pradesh offers online booking requests for tours and tour packages in Himachal Pradesh.