Naldehra can be spotted in the vicinity of the beautiful Shimla. The location is completely picturesque and is peppered with a number of lofty Deodar trees. The name of this hill station became Naldehra as it possesses a famous Nag temple. There are a series of places to visit in Naldehra whose sight is really appealing to the fancy. The list of some of the important attractions contributing a lot to Naldehra tourism is given below:

Mahunag Temple
This is a well known temple that can be spotted in the central part of the Naldehra Golf Course. The residing deity of this temple is Mahunag. According to the information of the Hindu mythology, Mahunag is also known with the name of Lord Ananta Sesha, or the serpent god. The temple is a worth visiting place.
Chabba is a village having a very picturesque setting. It actually lies in the Shimla district and is popular for the adventure of river rafting.
Kogi Mata Temple
This temple can be spotted in the Kogi Village and in order to reach here, one has to travel all the way through the muddy track. The temple is dedicated to the deity named as Kogi Mata. On coming to this sacred temple, devotees gain a number of blessings from the goddess.
Shaily Peak
This peak provides some of the most enthralling views and climate remains extremely soothing. As people climb over this peak, they can enjoy amazing pony rides. Moreover, the peak is also used for the sports like climbing and trekking.
Golf Course
Among the golf courses in the entire world, Naldehra golf course is the oldest. The Himachal Tourism Department takes care of it. The golf course contains 18 holes.

Naldehra was not a well known destination before. It was the British viceroy named as Lord Curzon who came across it and found it extremely bewitching. The place is really arresting for everyone who comes to explore it. So, do make it a point to know more about Naldehra and enjoy its natural beauty and attractions.