Close to Sirmaur, you have the place called Renuka, which received its name due the existence of the beautiful Renuka Lake. The lake is renowned for being Himachal's largest natural lake. The lake also has religious significance attached to it and its beauty is gets enhanced with the golden corn fields encircling it. Visitors who visit this lake do make it a point to attend the fair that is arranged here every year in the month of November. Some of the important places to visit in Renuka and around Renuka that contribute a lot in enhancing Renuka tourism are given in the list below:

Renuka Sanctuary
This is an amazing and adventurous wildlife sanctuary that lies close to the Renuka Lake. The sanctuary is home to various animal species such as Sambhar, Barking Deer, Cheetal, as well as endangered species like Red Jungle Fowl, Kaleej Pheasant, etc. Visitors do make it a point to go for a safari in this wildlife sanctuary.
Gayatri Temple
Gayatri Temple can be spotted at the left bank of the Renuka Lake and is home to the idols of Panch Mukhi Maa Gayatri as well as idols of Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma as well as Lord Indra. Maa Gayatri is regarded as the revered goddess who is known to be the mother of Vedas.
Choordhar is a lofty peak that lies at an altitude of 3, 647 meters above the sea level. From this peak, one can have a nice glimpse of the southern part of the Gangetic plains as well as the beautiful Satluj River. In addition to this, one can also view the Chgarrata and Shimla hills while standing at the top. Moreover, adventure freaks can enjoy trekking that takes you through Sangarh, Gandhuri, Dadahu, Bhawai and Nahura. This peak is considered to be one of the best places to visit in Renuka.

Therefore, do make it a point to visit Renuka, know more about Renuka and explore all that Renuka tourism has in store for you.