Sangla is an arresting hill station that lies at an altitude of 8, 900 feet above the sea level. Sangla is an extremely pleasant and tranquil destination away from the crowded life of the city to refresh you. The geographical surroundings of this hill station consist of mountains and hills as well as the beautiful Baspa River. Moreover, the place provides you with amazing sports and adventure options as here one can go for trekking, bird watching, strolling through the meadows, mountaineering, camping, etc. The apple and chilgoza orchards add to the charm of Sangla. The place is heavenly and one comes across a number of places to visit in Sangla enhancing Sangla tourism. Some of the major Places to visit in Sangla are given in the list below:

Chitkul can be spotted close to the Indo-Tibet border and it lies at a distance of 20 Km from Sangla. In the vicinity of this place, you have River Baspa and visitors also make it a point to visit the Chitkul Temple which is dedicated to the local goddess of this place. Chitkul appears to be marvelous when snow falls in its area during winters.
Kamru Fort
This is an amazing monument that now serves as a temple whose residing deity is Goddess Kamakshi. The image of the goddess dwells at the third floor, while on the first floor, one finds the statue of Lord Buddha.
Bering Nag Temple
This is a sacred temple that is much visited by tourists and diehard devotees. The temple is dedicated to the Nag of Lord Shiva and it has nice place in the hearts of the people.
Baspa River
This splendid river flows at a fast pace. People enjoy the adventure at this river to the fullest by traveling in it while sitting in a basket.

Sangla is well connected to different places through railways, roadways and airways. The nearest airport is Jubbarhatti Airport and the nearest railheads are Shimla, Kalka and Chandigarh. Therefore, do make it a point to visit Sangla, know more about Sangla and explore all that Sangla tourism has in store for you.