Sirmaur is marked with the spectacular Shivalik Hills and consists of three major places named as Nahan, Paonta Sahib and Renuka that are the biggest promoter of Sirmaur tourism. One also finds magnificent Himalayan as well as vast forests. Moreover, here one also spots sprawling tea gardens, historical sites and ruins as well as temples. Sirmaur also has many peaks and the highest peak here is the Churdhan Peak. Tourists also love to behold the sight of the Renuka Lake, which is important from both religion and tourist point of view and the lake looks like a sleeping woman. The place is well connected to different cities airways, railways as well as with roadways.

There are various popular places to visit in Sirmaur that catch the eyes of the tourists. Some of them are listed below:

The ruler associated with the foundation of the city was Raja Karna Prakash. The place is filled with vast forests and one can go for leisure walks that showcase some amazing spots such as Military Round, Villa Round and Hospital Round.
Shivalik Fossil Park, Saketi
This park is famous as it led to the discovery of various ancient and prehistoric fossils. Here, the skeletons and fossils associated to the prehistoric time were excavated. The park consists of a museum where various primitive fossils as well as amazing animal and plants paintings can be spotted.
Trilokpur Temple
This temple has Mahamaya Bala Sundari as the worshiped deity. The goddess is quite popular among the people and the image of the goddesses is similar to the stone linga of Lord Shiva. The existence of this temple has added sacred importance to the entire place.
Dhaula Kuan
Dhaula Kuan can be spotted at a distance of 20 km from Nahan. It is a rich orchard wherein lies mangoes as well as citrus plants. Not far from this place, you have the Kastasan Temple. In addition to this, one also finds a juice factory as well as a research station in Dhaula Kuan.
Jagannath Temple
The foundation of this temple was laid by Raja Budh Prakash. The celebrations of the popular festival named as Sawan Dwadashi is are done with great cheer at this temple and devotees ceremonially dip the idols in a pool.

The above mentioned information about Sirmaur is more than enough to make your mind to plan a holiday trip to Sirmaur. Truly, these places to visit in Sirmaur add to its overall charm.

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