Theog is an amazing town whose charm mainly lies in its picturesque surroundings as well as 5 ghats named as Baga Ghat, Rahi Ghat, Jano Ghat, Deori Ghat and Prem Ghat. These ghats form the main places to visit in Theog. One can spot beautiful paddy fields providing amazing views or else one can attend the harvest festival of this place. Apart from the ghats, there also exists a place called Potato Ground which is well known for celebrating picnics.

Theog is quite easily accessible by air, road and rail. The nearest airport, Jubbarhati Railway Station lies at a distance of 45 Km, while the nearest railway station, Kalka Railway Station lies at a distance of 105 Km. One can also reach Theog by traveling through roadways providing good connectivity. The well known hill station of Shimla lies at a distance of just 45 Km from Theog. In addition to this, apart from the ghats, there are a few places promoting Theog tourism that you must visit whenever you visit Theog. Some Places to visit in Theog are listed below:

Tattapani lies in the vicinity of the Sutlej River and is an amusing destination due to the existence of hot springs. This is a serene spot which lies at a distance of 35 Km from Theog. The place is also ideal to indulge in the sport of angling.
Fagu is situated quite close to Theog with a distance of 10 Km from Theog. If you start from Shimla and travel to Fagu, then it takes only 22 Km to reach there. The scenic beauty of Fagu is amazing and one beholds the sight of beautiful Himalayan cedar forests. Places like Delhi and Chandigarh are also well connected to Fagu.
All those who have inclination towards religion and are fond of adventure get charmed by the place like Hatkoti. Here, one comes across the Pabbar River that lets you enjoy the sport of boating and angling. In addition to this, one also spots beautiful fields meant to serve agriculture as well as apple orchards.

Therefore, do make it a point to visit Theog, know more about Theog and explore all that Theog tourism has in store for you. You are sure to find this destination interesting.