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Best time to Visit Shimla

Shimla offers you a perfect destination amidst the mesmerizing hills that envelopes you with the extremely cold climate during the winters and moderate climate in the summers. And therefore, its climate is referred as the subtropical highland climate. Shimla lies at an altitude of 2,202 meters and is a much visited destination by the tourists.

Summer in Shimla


Summers remain here from March to June, with very pleasing weather and temperature ranging between 15°C to 30°C. In the evenings, you can survive just by putting on light woolens.

Mansoon in Shimla


Monsoons stay in Shimla from July to September, when the town witnesses heavy and nonstop rains for several days with extremely chilled surroundings and the temperature falls drastically.

Winter in Shimla


Shimla witnesses winters from November to February with bone chilling cold weather. You are cilled this time by the cold breeze coming from the Himalayas in the North. Between ending of December and beginning of January, one can witness the view of the lovely snowfall. During this time, temperature ranges from 8°C to as low as -2°C.

The best Season to visit Shimla is during summer months that stretch from March to June, when the weather appears to be amazing as you only have to wear light woolens in the evenings.


Freezing Cold with Snowfall

Snowfall may occur during the first week and cold winds come from Higher Himalayan region, making it an ideal time for winter and snow lovers and honeymooners.


Very Cold

Climate becomes very cold through the chilly winds blowing from Himalayan Peaks, perfect for honeymooners. In the end of this month, the temperature begins to increase. Snowfall stops by the mid this month.


Moderately Cold

Spring is the loveliest time to visit Shimla, starting during March. You can get enchanted by the clear blue skies, cool breeze and lots of greenery, making it perfect time for tourism.



For wildlife, adventure and tourist activities, this is the perfect time with clear skies and cool winds, lush greenery and scenic beauty of the nature, and snows only on the high altitudes.



Despite being the hottest month of the year, it doesn't create any inconvenience for the tourists. The days remain warm and nights remain chilly with snow at higher altitudes. You can enjoy the famous Summer Festival of Shimla during this month.


Moderately Hot

Monsoon enters Shimla to wet it, without making any inconvenience for tourists. Walking on the crowded Mall Road in evening and night and enjoying shopping during this month make it an amusing experience. You can see little snow on the higher hilly regions.



Monsoon starts to pouring Shimla, making it not an ideal time to visit. Shimla may face natural calamities such as land sliding and tree falling etc owing to heavy rainfall. You cannot see snow on the plains but some snow on high altitudes.



Heavy thundershowers occur and most of the day you see sky covered with black clouds. Natural calamities like land sliding and tree falling occur, making it not a favorable time to visit due to road blockages and other problems. Snowfall can be seen on high altitudes.



Monsoon continues to pour the region and begin to lessen from the mid this month. Tourists can enjoy cold winds and lush green covering but fell snow opportunity, putting on light woolen cloths.


Moderately Cold

Shimla welcomes autumn in the month of October providing opportunities for adventure activities, and tourist activities are upped. Shimla remains less crowded with clear sky, visible mountain peaks and chilly nights. Some snow can be seen on very high altitudes.


Very Cold

Winter comes in the region by the end of the month. You need heavy winter clothes and can enjoy adventure activities like skating, trekking, etc. Snow can be enjoyed on ground but at high altitudes.


Freezing Cold with Snowfall

Tourists are blessed with the views of lush green hills with snow covered peaks. Various winter sport activities are on their peak. You can enjoy Christmas and New Year Eve celebration in the region. Shimla welcomes fresh snowfall from the end of this month.

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