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Festivals in Shimla

Shimla always remains in the festive mood that can be experienced during the various fairs and festivals of shimla that are an important part of Shimla. With the holy worship that takes place for around 2000 gods and goddesses, there comes the turn of festivities that are actually dedicated to these deities. Among the list of diverse festivals celebrated in India, there also exists the list of Shimla fairs and festivals that are quite unique.

Some of the important festivals and fairs in Shimla are listed below:

Bharara Fair Shimla

Bharara Fair

This is a fair that usually falls on the 1st of May. During this fair, reverence is paid to the god named as Koteshwar and to please him, goats are sacrificed. People from varied castes and creeds make it a point to join this fair. Other attractions of this festival are the popular Natti dance and the amazing Hindola rides.

Bhoj Fair Shimla

Bhoj Fair

This is a festival that is celebrated in the Guman Village mainly I the month of November. The major deity who is worshipped at this time is Devta Bansor. And people make it a point to give special honor to gods named as Devta Bansor, Kilbaru and Parshu Ram. In addition to this, people also participate in the famous Natti dance.

Rohru Fair Shimla

Rohru Fair

In the vicinity of the River Pabbar, you find the celebrations of this festival mainly on the 9th and 10th of the month of Baisakh. The fair is witnesses by huge crowds and during the jubilation, Natti dance is performed.

Mahasu Jatar Shimla

Mahasu Jatar

This is a two day celebration that takes place in the Mahasu Village mainly of the 3rd Tuesday that comes in Baisakh. In this village, a famous Durga temple was constructed by the Rana of Badoli. This festical also involves goat sacrifice as well as Natti dance.

Lavi Fair Shimla

Lavi Fair

One can find this fair in the Rampur district and it is celebrated mainly in the month of November. During this fair, the sale of various items such as foodgrains, utensils, clothes, etc. takes place. Moreover, Natti dance is performed and a number of cultural shows take place.

Sipi Fair Shimla

Sipi Fair

The main god who is worshipped during this festival is Sip Devta. The venue is Sihpur. In this festival, a goat is offered to the deity. A number of magic shows, as well as cultural shows such as Karyala take place. This fair has been taking place for years.

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