Museums in Shimla

Museums in Shimla

Shimla is filled with a number of edifices that are of historical importance as well as various museums and ancient monuments that are worth visiting. The Queen of Hills also has history attached to it and as a result, there are a series of museums. A list of some of the significant museums in Shimla is given below:


Shimla State Museum

This museum is replete with amazing antique work as well as artifacts and the most important and interesting thing in this museum that is worth watching include the Pahari miniature paintings. One can also spot beautiful stone sculptures. In addition to these items, one also finds bronze items, various items of archeological importance, as well as numismatic items. Therefore, this museum in Shimla is really worth visiting.


Uruswati Himalayan Folk Art Museum, Naggar

In this museum, visitors come across splendid works of Russian as well as local Indian folk art. In addition to this, there also exists a number of paintings created by Russian folks and an artist named as Roerich.


The Nicholas Roerich Gallery

As one visit this gallery, one spots enthralling paintings formed by an artist whose name was Nicholas Roerich. The artist was very fond of beautiful mountains and therefore, his painting reflects the same in dark and vivid colors. The background delineated by the painting is Sheer Russian which is accompanied by the lasting beauty of Himalayas.


Bhuri Singh Museum

Shimla This museum consists of amazing and interesting items such as old coins as well as Chamba Rumals in embroidery. Moreover, one can also spot beautiful jewelry related to hills accompanied by the same kind of costumes that have both traditional colors. One can also spot arms and armours. In addition to this, one can also find carved doors that are more than enough to compel the sight.


Indian Institute of Advanced Studies

In this institute, you come across the sight of British Colonial architecture. In addition to this, one can also find lush greens gardens over here whose charm is witnesses by an array of travelers as well as scholars.

Therefore, we can say that the historical places of Shimla are really appealing and more than enough to catch your fancy. So, if you are planning a visit to Shimla, do make it a point to visit the various Shimla museums that together ameliorate its beauty.

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