Sports & Adventure in Shimla

Sports and adventure in Shimla can be enjoyed in full swing since Shimla is dotted with an array of mountain ranges of Himalayas, Meandering Rivers, Deep Valleys, Gorges, vast expanse of snow etc. that are more than enough to turn your sporty mood on. The list of some of the major adventure Trip and camp in Shimla is given below:


Trekking in Shimla

Trekking is done on the slopes of Himalayan Mountains that provide some of the best terrains ideal for this sport. Mountain trekking is full of adventure and sports freaks do make it a point to indulge into the sport of trekking. One can go for trekking to reach the Tara Devi Temple situated at the hilltop. The trek starts from the Tara Devi Railway Station and the total distance to be covered is 4 Km.

River Rafting

River Rafting in Shimla

River Rafting is one of the most adventures sports in Shimla which no sports lover can miss out. The Satluj River of Shimla runs in high pace which is ideal for river rafting. One of the major river rafting paths is of a distance of 12 Km and starts from Chabba and ends at Tattapani amidst the waters of the Satluj River.

Ice Skating

Ice Skating in Shimla

The main months in which Ice Skating is performed are from December to February. In order to enjoy this sport to the fullest, there needs to be clean and clear skies as well as required temperature providing you the coolest climate. Shimla consists of vast expanse of Ice Skating zones where this sport can be enjoyed in full groove.


Skiing in Shimla

Skiing in Shimla is a sport that can be performed at various places. The major places to try your hand over this adventure are the Mahasu Ridge in Kufri and Narkanda. Narkanda consists of the Hattu Peak which well promotes the sport of Skiing in Shimla.


Golfing in Shimla

Golfing is a sport that is done at the Naldehra town. In this town, you can find the oldest golf course in Shimla. The golf course is flocked by a series of golf lovers who practice this sport at this place.


Paragliding in Shimla

This is one of the much loved adventure sports that is performed over the slopes of mountains. A number of tourists coming to Shimla do make it a point to enjoy this sport in Shimla.

Mountain Cycling

Mountain Cycling in Shimla

In order to perform mountain cycling, one needs to have a ride over a mountain bike that let you revolve around the vast expanse of mountains. This sport has become quite famous among the sports freaks within a short span of time.

Therefore, do make it a point to indulge into your choicest adventure and sports in Shimla and make the most of your Shimla tour.

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