The Mall Road Shimla

The Mall Road of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh appears be buzzing with the noise of crowds visiting its every nook and corner. Renowned to be one of the much frequented shopping zones of Shimla, Mall Road amuses people with its splendid views and is one of the favorite hang outs for the tourists coming to Shimla. On the Mall Road in Shimla, you can find a series of Shops, Departmental Stores, Restaurants as well as Show Rooms satisfying the desire of the shopping freaks. On Mall Road, one comes across various attractions apart from the shopping places. The list of the prominent attractions is given below:

Christ Church

Christ Church Shimla

This church has the reputation of being the second oldest in Shimla. The architecture of this church was designed and framed by the British as it represents the sheer art used by the British. The windows of this church look really appealing are they are marked with stained glasses.

Kali Bari Temple

Kali Bari Temple

This temple is considered to be the abode of goddess Shayamala, another embodiment of goddess Kali. It was built in the year 1845. Initially, the image of the goddess used to be on the Jakhu Hill and afterwards the image was transferred to the Mall Road of Shimla.

General Post Office

General Post Office Shimla

The appearance of the General Post Office of Shimla is really enthralling since the edifice is carved in wood. The most important and interesting feature of this post office is that introduced the unique Tonga mail delivery system.

Scandal Point

Scandal Point Shimla

Scandal Point is known to be the highest point that can be found on the Mall Road. From this point, you can have spectacular views of the mountains as well as deep valleys. The place got its name because of the scandal or controversy done by Maharaj of Patiala by kidnapping the Indian Viceroy's daughter. Another thing to witness at this place is the stature of Lala Lajpat Rai, a symbol of the spirit of freedom in India.

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